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Landscaping & Building consultancy


Construction and renovation projects can be overwhelming and time-consuming for many people. Where to start or which builder to hire are the most common problems that you could face.


As a consultancy we provide professional assistance to those embarking on a renovation project. 


Whether you are installing a new bathroom, updating your kitchen, landscaping your garden, adding an extension or building a new house from scratch,  our consultancy service can assist you to achieve it.


We can help: 

  •  Advise on all things landscaping and building

  •  Scope the size of the project

  •  Establish a realistic plan

  •  Assist with costings

  •  Source and recommend materials

  •  Perform surveys 

  •  Put you in touch with trusted designers and architects

  •  In house award winning landscape design

  •  Advise you on the common pitfalls and how to avoid them

  •  Put together a contract between yourself and builder / contractor

  •  Find the right builder / contractor

  •  Manage the project

  •  Manage your budget 

  •  Manage the unknowns and changes that may occur along the way


Having worked with many trades and professionals in the industry, from home improvements to new builds, we have extensive experience in how to the get the job done within budget and on time. 


Our consultancy provides honest and clear service. We treat each assignment like it is our own and we are always on the Client's side. Our passion to deliver the best service means we will do our best to ensure the job is completed to a high standard.



Our consultancy in based on an hourly rate of £200.00 per hour.

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